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Q: What is numerical discrete data?
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What is the decimal data type?

In theory, it a continuous numerical variable. In practice, however, it is made discrete by the limitations of recording it - either by hand or by computer.

What are discrete quantitive data?

First let's look at what quantitative data is.Quantitative data are numeric.Discrete data are numeric data that have a finite number of possible values.So it is numerical data that can only have a finite number of possible values.One often used example of discrete quantitative data is the number 1,2 3, and 4 corresponding to strongly agree, agree, neutral, and don't agree,

What is a example of discrete data?

Discrete data are observations on a variable that which take values from a discrete set.

What is the difference between numerical and non-numerical data?

Numerical data is numbers. Non-numerical data is anything else.

Are weight of motorcycles discrete data or continuous data?

The weight of the motorcycles is discrete and not the continuous data.

What graph is used to discrete data?

Any kind of graph can be used for discrete data.

Does Scatter analysis use discrete data?

No. It uses continuous data. * * * * * Not true. It can use either discrete or continuous data.

Is numerical data quantitative or qualitative?

Numerical data is quantitative research

Definition of numerical data?

Numerical data is data measured or identified on a numerical scale. Numerical can be analyzed using statistical methods, and results can be displayed using tables, charts, histograms, and graphs.

What chart organizes numerical data?

Numerical data are organized by a graph.

What is the definition of non-numeric data?

Non-numeric data refers to data that is not expressed in numerical form. This could include text, images, audio, video, or any other type of data that is not represented by numbers. Non-numeric data can be qualitative in nature and does not involve mathematical operations.

A number that describes numerical data is a?

A number that describes numerical data is a Statistic.