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A bisected angle or segment is divided into 2 congruent parts.

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Q: What is one thing that can be concluded from bisect?
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Do all rectangles have diagonals which bisect?

It depends on what you mean by bisect. All rectangles have diagonals that bisect the other one. Only certain rectangles (Squares) have diagonals that bisect its vertex, the ninety degree angle.

Does one diagonal bisect the other of a kite?

Yes, in the figure of a kite one diagonal bisects the other. They do not bisect each other.

Is bisect an adjective?

No. Bisect is a verb.

Does a quadrilateral bisect?

No, a quadrilateral does not bisect.

Can a segment bisect bisect a segment?


Cut into two part?


What is the prefix of bisect?

The prefix of "bisect" is "bi-".

What property must the diagonals of a quadrilateral have in order for it to be a kite?

They must meet at right angles and only one of them must bisect the other. (if both bisect one another, the quadrilateral will be a square).

What Describe the diagonals of a parallelogram?

There are two of them and they bisect one another.

What is the math term of bisect?

"Bisect" IS mathematical term!

Does a trapezium bisect?

If you are clever you will know that a trapezium does not bisect.

How do you bisect an obtuse angle?

In the same way that you bisect an acute triangle. Alternatively, you could extend one of the rays of the obtuse angle so that you have an acute angle. Bisect that angle and then draw a perpendicular to the bisector of the acute angle through the vertex.