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When dealing with volume this should make you think about 3-dimensional objects. Objects like spheres, prisms, pyramids with their 2-dimensional counterparts being circles and various polygonal shapes.

The 3-dimensional object in your question is a sphere. Since you mentioned diameter that automatically means you are dealing with a circle in 3-dimensionals which is a sphere.

You are given the diameter to equal 8 inches. You need your answer in meters. You first step is to convert inches to meters. When converted 8 inches equals 0.2032 meters.

Now currently you only have the diameter of the sphere which is 0.2032 meters. To find the volume you need to use the formula four thirds pi radius cubed. This is the formula written algebraically...

Vsphere = (4/3) x (3.14159) x r3

The radius is equal to half of the diameter... therefore your radius is equal to 0.1016 meters. just plug that into your equation and you have your per meter volume.

Vsphere = (4/3) x (3.14159) x (0.1016)3

vsphere = 0.00439 m3

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Q: What is per meter volume of 8 inches diameter?
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