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Q: What is seven and one fifth written as a percent?
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What is seven over one fifth written as a percent?

7/(1/5) = 3500%

How is one and one-fifth written as a percent?


What is 7 and one fifth written as a percent?


What is seven and one fifth as a percent?

If you mean 7 1/5 as a percent, it would be 720%.

Is 19.84 percent one fifth of the worlds population?

No, 19.84 percent is not one fifth of the world's population. One fifth of the world's population would be approximately 20%, not 19.84%.

What is the equivalent for one fifth?

Twenty percent is the equivalent of one fifth.

Sales decrease 35 to 28 what is the sales percent?

Reduction is seven thirty-fifths which is one-fifth ie 20%

How long is seven and one fifth?

Such a number must be combined with a unit of measurement: for example, seven and one fifth meters, seven and one fifth kilometers, seven and one fifth microns, or light-years, or astronomical units, or parsecs. The resulting length is different in each case.

What is one and one fifth as a percent?


What is one fifth in a percent?


One fifth as a percent?

20 %

What is 20 percent of 3565?

713I took 3565 an multiplied it by one fifth. One fifth is equal to .2 or 20 percent.