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Islamic algebra is the same as regular algebra. just like Arabic numerals is the same as 1 2 3. why is algebra important today? there is no difference between these questions.

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Q: What is so important about Islamic algebra?
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Why are Islamic stars so important?

There are nothing called Islamic stars to explain why are important.

Is algebra importent?

No but it is important. And so is spelling!

The Islamic scientist mathematician AL-Khawarizmi is credited with coining what word?

algebra algebra

One great contribution of the Islamic golden age was?

Algebra. Algebra is one of their greatest contribution. :)

What is the Islamic scientist credited for?

The introduction of algebra to mathematics.

Did the Islamic civilization invent algebra?

Yes. It was Al Khawarzmi who invented Algebra. (Refer: Ibn-i-Khaldoon)

Algebra is an important subject for to study?

Yes, and so is English.

Who is the Islamic scientist mathematician AL-Khowarizmi with coining the word?


What is the Islamic scientist Al-Khwarizmi credited for?

The introduction of algebra to mathematics.

What empires or nations used Islamic algebra?

Everybody uses algebra. There is no "Islamic Algebra", even though the inventor of algebra, al-Khwarezmi, was a Muslim born in the Abbassid Caliphate. The math is good, without even considering that its inventor was a Muslim, and there is no "Islamic Algebra" just like there is no "Christian Gravity", even though Isaac Newton, gravity's discoverer was a Christian, or "Hindu Arithmetic", even though the originators of the ten numeral digit system were Hindus.

Is pre-algebra or algebra harder?

The Latin prefix pre- means "before" so Pre-Algebra means "Before Algebra". Pre Algebra gives you the bottom bricks or the foundation of your math building. This is the most important mathematics year of your life so try not to mess it upalgebra is harder.

Why are solutions important to algebra?

Algebra exists to find solutions

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