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Since zillion is not a proper number, such a polygon has no name,

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Q: What is the 1 zillion sided in polygon?
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What are the 1-10 polygons?


What is the 1 million sided in polygon?

there no 1 million sided polygon present

What polygon has 1 billion sides?

a 1 billion sided polygon is made up of 100 of the 1 million sided polygon

What polygon has one million sides?

Hecatommyriagon is the 1 million sided polygon. A megagon is also a one million-sided polygon.

What do you call a billion sided polygon?

One billion-sided polygon = GIGAGON

A five-sided polygon is called?

A five sided polygon is called a pentagon because pentagon means five sided polygon I think.

What are the names of an 11-sided polygon and a 12-sided polygon?

An 11 sided polygon is a hendecagon and a 12 sided polygon is a dodecagon

What do you call a 21-sided polygon?

icosihenagon= 21-sided polygon icosihenagon= 21-sided polygon

What is a 100 zillion sided shape called?

Zillion is a nonsense word that implies many. It is not a number.

What is a 20 sided polygon?

Duodecagon <--wrong... a duodecagon is a 12-sided polygon. icosagon is a 20 sided polygon.

What is the name the 12 sided polygon?

The name of a 12 sided polygon is Dodecagon.

What is the name of 51-59 sided polygon?

The name of a 51 sided polygon is Pentaconhenagon. The name of a 52 sided polygon is Pentacondigon. The name of a 53 sided polygon is Pentacontrigon. The name of a 54 sided polygon is Pentacontetragon. The name of a 55 sided polygon is Pentaconpentagon. The name of a 56 sided polygon is Pentaconheptagon. The name of a 57 sided polygon is Pentaconhexagon. The name of a 58 sided polygon is Pentaconoctagon. The name of a 59 sided polygon is Pentaconenneagon.