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Q: What is the 4 bit binary for the hexadecimal symbol C?
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What is the 4-bit binary number associated with the hexadecimal symbol?

It is 1100.


The answer is 1100.

What is the 4-binary number assoiated with the hexadecimal symbol C?

0xc = 1100 Hexadecimal digits use exactly 4 binary digits (bits). The 0x0 to 0xf of hexadecimal map to 0000 to 1111 of binary. Thinking of the hexadecimal digits as decimal numbers, ie 0x0 to 0x9 are 0 to 9 and 0xa to 0xf are 10 to 15, helps with the conversion to binary: 0xc is 12 decimal which is 8 + 4 → 1100 in [4 bit] binary.

Why people are using Hexadecimal rather than binary numbers while doing programs?

hexadecimal can express 16 bit binary in 4 place form, not 16.

Binary to hexadecimal to binary conversion?

Each 4 bits of binary can make 1 hexadecimal digit. There are 16 hexadecimal characters including zero. This can be shown by the equation 2^4 = 16.

What does hexadecimal base 16 convert binary equal?

16 is the 4th power of 2. So a hexadecimal number is converted to binary by replacing each hex digit by the 4-bit binary number having the same value. Conversely, in converting binary to hexadecimal, we group every 4 bits starting at the decimal (binary?) point and replace it with the equivalent hex digit. For example, the hexadecimal number 3F9 in binary is 1111111001, because 3 in binary is 11, F (decimal 15) is 1111, and 9 is 1001.

What is the binary code for 4?

14 decimal in binary is 11102. In octal it is 168 and in hexadecimal it is 0E16.

4 bits equal what?

4 bits equal to half byte.8 bits is one byte.when converting hexadecimal digits to binary, each hexadecimal digits will take 4 binary digits, which means 4 bits.Because one binary digit means one bit having two values [true/false] or [on/off] like that.. [0/1]we can represent one hexadecimal digit as 4 bits like..for [7] as hexadecimal, we can say [0111] in bits.

How are hexadecimal and binary related?

Each 4-digit string of binary digits is equivalent to 1 single hexadecimal digit.

What is the no of bits that can be expressed in binaryoctaldecimal and hexadecimal system?

Binary: 1 bit Octal: 3 bits Hexadecimal: 4 bits Decimal: somewhere between 3 and 4 bits. In theory, about 3.32 bits.

Where is hexadecimal is used?

Hexadecimal is used whenever we want to notate a binary value because each hex digit maps directly with each 4 bit nybble (half a byte). A 64-bit binary value can therefore be reduced to a more concise 16-digit hex value.

What is the binary number 0010000100000000 in hexadecimal?

You need to count off four bits at a time, from the right (this is in case the number of binary digits is not an exact multiple of 4). Then you replace each group of four binary digits by the hexadecimal equivalent. You can easily find a table of conversion online.