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You spell it like "Reciprocal".

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Q: What is the American spelling of reciprocal?
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How do you spell multiplicative inverse?

That is the correct spelling of multiplicative inverse, also known as the reciprocal.

Is the spelling of the word 'recognize' American English?

Yes, the spelling of the word 'recognize' is American English. In British English, it is spelled as 'recognise'.

What is an American spelling?

An American spelling is a spelling of an individual work such as is preferred in the United States as opposed to the United Kingdom or elsewhere.

What are the British and American spelling of squash?

The British spelling is "squash" and the American spelling is also "squash." Both countries use the same spelling for this word.

What is the correct spelling of savior?

Savior is the American spelling. Saviour is the British spelling.

What is the correct spelling of apologised?

Apologized is the American spelling, and apologised is the British spelling.

What is the American spelling of analyze?

The American spelling of "analyze" is "analyze," with a "z" instead of an "s."

Which is the correct spelling - 'favourable' or 'favorable'?

Favorable is the American spelling. Favourable is the British spelling.

What is another way of spelling aluminum?

The British spelling is "aluminium"; the American spelling is "aluminum."

Is the spelling of 'cancelled' with 2 l's British or American English?

CANCELLED is the British way of spelling it, CANCELED is the American

How do you spell centimetre?

Centimetre (English spelling) or centimeter (American spelling)

Noah Webster's Blue-Blacked Speller helped to standardize spelling and to distinguish British spelling from American spelling?

True, Noah Webster's Blue-Backed speller did help to standardize spelling and distinguish British from American spelling. His Blue-Backed spellers taught generations of American children to read and write. He is also responsible for the secularization of American schools.