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It depends upon the length. 10 gauge is rated for 30 amps to about 100 ft. However if running longer than 100 feet, you should drop down a gauge to #8.

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Q: What is the amp limit of 10 3 electrical cable?
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What size wire cable and fuse for a 9.8KW shower?

7.2kW shower = 32 Amp fuse = 6 mm2 cable size7.5kW shower = 40 Amp fuse = 10 mm2 cable size8.5kW shower = 40 Amp fuse = 10 mm2 cable size9.5kW shower = 40/45 Amp fuse = 10 mm2 cable size10.5kW shower = 45 Amp fuse = 16mm2 cable size

How do we calculate the cable size for electrical installations?

Electrical wire size is directly dependant on the load amperage that is connected to it. The higher the load amperage, the larger the cross sectional area of the wire needs to be. The connected amperage to a conductor is determined by a group of electrical experts and their results are then written into the latest addition of the electrical code book of the country in which you live.

What size cable is required for 220 v with twin 30 amp breakers?

#10 wire is used on a 30 amp service.

Can you run a 10 gauge wire 250 feet to the barn on a 120 amp breaker in the house If not what amp breaker should I use?

#10 cable is no good for 120 amps, you need #2 cable, and it can be used at a distance of 250 ft.

Where is the speedometer cable on a '94 Chevy S-10 and how do you replace it?

If you have a electrical speedo you don't have a cable. Change the speed sensor in the trans.

How many amps can 25mm sq electrical cable can carry?

A 25mm sq electrical cable is equal to a #4 AWG conductor. A #4 copper conductor with an insulation factor of 75 and 90 degrees C is rated at 85 and 95 amps respectively.

Can you use 15 amp appliance on 20 amp socket?

Yes, you can use a 15 amp appliance on a 20 amp socket. The appliance will only draw the amount of current it needs, so there should be no issue with using it on a higher amp socket. Just make sure the voltage matches.

How do you make a 30 amp to 15 amp extension cord?

It is not recommended to make a 30 amp to 15 amp extension cord as it can be dangerous and violate electrical codes. Using the wrong amperage extension cord can lead to overheating, fires, or damage to electrical equipment. It is advisable to purchase the appropriate extension cord for the intended purpose.

Can an electric range be powered from the same circuit as an electric dyer?

No. The two appliances usually have dedicated circuits. The range will have a two pole 40 amp breaker and be fed with a 3-C #8 copper cable. The dryer will have a 30 amp two pole breaker and be fed with a 3-C # 10 copper cable. As you can see by powering a 40 amp device from a 30 amp breaker, full operation of the range will trip the 30 amp breaker.

Where is the fuel pump fuse on a 1993 Ford Escort?

On the left front fender well in an electrical box. 10 amp fuse.

What is the fuse box diagram on a 4 cylinder 98 Jeep Wrangler?

fuse panel jeep tj wrangler. #1 20 amp/park lights. #2 20 amp/stop lights. #3 10 amp/panel lights. #4 10 amp/door switch defeat. #5 10 amp/air bag. #6 20 amp/rear wiper. #7 10 amp/back up lights/rear window defrost/abs. #8 10 amp/hevac. #9 10 amp/air bag. #10 10 amp/instrument cluster. #11 10 amp/solenoids,DRL. #12 10 amp/power distribution relays,skim. #13 10 amp/turn signals. #14 20 amp/front wiper. #15 10 amp/radio. #16 /open. #17 10 amp/HBL switch. #18 15 amp/Acc,battery,optional. #19 20 AMP/Acc.switch. #20 20 amp/clutch interlock ignition.

Why does NM B cable come in different colors and what does each color represent?

The color of the Romex® NM Cable jacket were changed to aid in the inspection process. It speeds up the inspection process when the inspector doesn't have to check each cable to make sure it is sized accordingly. The color code is as follows: White- 14 awg for 15 amp circuits Yellow- 12 awg for 20 amp circuits Orange- 10 awg for 30 amp circuits