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More important, what is the question? Four different lengths do not define a rectangle.

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Q: What is the answer for a rectangle of 29ft 9ft 15ft 17ft?
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What is the square ft of room with dimensions of 29ft 17ft 15ft 9ft?

The side lengths of a quadrilateral do not uniquely identify the shape, because a quadrilateral is not a rigid shape. It can be flexed so that its area can be varied without changing the side lengths. As an example, consider a rectangle. It can be flexed into a parallelogram which can be made so thin that its area can be made smaller than any given value. Whereas a general quadrilateral may have a residual triangle that cannot be removed, there is a huge range of values for the area.

How do you figure out the area of this combination 29 ft by 17 ft by 15 ft by 9 ft?

Hmm - well, for one thing, it would wouldn't be referred to as area, as area represents a two dimensional measurement. What you're naming is a four dimensional measurement, so we would probably refer to it as hypervolume. The principal behind measuring hypervolume would be the same as that of measuring the area of a rectangle or the volume of a box. Simply multiply it's side lengths together: 29ft * 17ft * 15ft * 9ft = 66555ft4

What is the ratio 15ft to 9ft of the perimeters?


How many square meters in 9ft x 15ft?

12.54 square meters.

What is the area of a wall measuring 15 feet by 9 feet?

15ft x 9ft = 135 square feet.

Rectangle is 9ft by 12ft square is 2ft by 2ft. How do you find the area of the square inside the rectangle?

by using your brain

How many square feet in a room 9ft by 15ft long?

135 square feet. Just multiply length by width - the answer is the square footage.

What is the area of room 3 yards by 5 yards in square feet?

Well you convert the yards into feet. That would be 9ft x 15ft. That equals 135 feet2

How many square feet in 9ft by 15ft?

135 square feet. To calculate square feet simply multiply length by width - the result is the area in square feet.

What ia the area of a rectangle with a length of 15 ft and width of 9ft?

15x9 = 135 squared feet

How many square yards is 12ft plus 9ft equals?

how many square yards of carpet will they need for a dining room9ft and 12ft, a hall 3ft and 6ft, a living room 12f and 15ft

Allowing 3ft for a door how much baseboard will carlos need to go completely around a rectangular room that is 15ft long an 9ft wide?

Perimeter of a rectangle is 2(length + width) This problem 2(L+W)-3 2(15+9)-3 2x24-3 48-3 45 feet baseboard. Don't make a mistake cutting.