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Statistics help managers make decisions. They use statistics when it comes to production and hiring employees. Statistics are everywhere in the business world.

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Q: What is the application statistics in business?
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Specific application of statistics in Economics?

specifis application of statistics to economics or business

What is the application of statistics in business management?

Statistics is used in Business Management to tell the trend of the sale of certain goods and services. It is used to predict the various factors that affect trade.

Application of statistics in real life?

Statistics is used in many places especially when you are the head of a business and you need to calculate probability and things like that.

What Should I Have To Place In My Business Plan And Cash Flow Projections?

The small business loan application includes an in depth outline of the statistics that needs to be included in your business plan.

What is the definition for Psychological Statistics?

Psychological statistics is the application of statistics to psychology.

Example of using statistics in education?

application of statistics in education

What is the use of statistics in engeneering field?

application of statistics in engineering field

What are the application of statistics?

taxonomy field

What are the specific application of statistics to education?

specific application of statistics in education - when a teacher computes the grades of students statistic is appiled

Do most schools require Business students to take a statistics course in Virginia?

Most all business curriculum's require statistics; Sometimes referred to business statistics, or business statistical analysis.

What are the 5 application of statistics?


Application of statistics in psychology?

to determine the percentage.

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