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You are not finding the area you are finding the volume. The answers is 1232 cm3

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Q: What is the area of a trapezoid if the height of the trapezoid is 8cm and the bases are 14cm and11cm?
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How do you find the area of a trapezoid with measurements of 8 cm 9 cm 14cm?

the area of a trapezoid is the height times (base 1 + base 2)

What is the area of a triangle with 14cm base and 14cm height?

Area is 98cm2

What is the slant height of a square pyramid if the height is 24Cm and the base edges are 14Cm?

The slant height will be 25 cm

What is the area of a triangle with height 14cm and base 19cm?

The area of a triangle is (base)x(height)x1/2.So, we put in your values (base=19, height=14) and we get 19x14x1/2=19x7=133.The area of a triangle with a base of 19cm and a height of 14cm is 133.

What is 14cm in km?

14cm equates to 0.00014km

The circular base of a cylinder has a diameter of 14cm Its height is 5cm taking pi to be 227 calculate its volume?

Diameter = 14cm so radius = 7cm. Height = 5cm. Take pi as 22/7 Volume of a cylinder = pi*radius2*height Volume = 22/7*72*5 = 770 cubic cm.

What is the volume of a cone whose radius 9.9cm and height of 14cm?

A cone with a base radius of 9.9 cm and a height of 14 cm has a volume of 1,436.9 cm3

What is the area of a triangle base 14cm and height 15cm?

Area = 1/2*14*15 = 105 square cm

How many inches are 14cm?

there are 7 and 7/16 of an inch in 14cm

What is the circumference of a circle if the diameter is 14cm?

The circumference of a circle with a diameter of 14cm is: 43.98 cm

What is the diameter of a cylinder if it is 14cm what is the circumference?

The question cannot be answered. There is no information on what aspect of the cylinder is 14 cm: the radius, diameter, circumference, height.

What is the area of a square with sides measuring 14cm?

A square with a side length of 14cm has an area of 196cm2

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