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shaded sectors do not appear on listings

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Q: What is the area of the shaded sector if the circle has a diameter of 8.5cm and two angles measuring 160 degrees each?
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Unit for measuring angles in a circle or sphere?

unit in earth science used for measuring angles in a circle or sphere?

How do you find the diameter of the circle?

The diameter is found by measuring across the center of the circle.

Why is measuring the diameter of a circle easier than measuring the its circumference?

Because the diameter is a straight line.

What is the symbol for temperature when being measured in degrees celsius?

The symbol is °C, in which the little circle is 'degrees' just like when measuring angles in degrees. The C is for Celsius.

How many degrees are in a circle with a diameter of 10 units?

A circle has 360 degrees, whatever its diameter.

Can a diameter of a circle divide an angle in the circle into congruent angles?


What are the angles in a circle?

There are 360 degrees around a circle

How do you get the diameter?

The diameter of a shape is formulated by measuring from one edge of a circle to the other.

How do you know that the sum of an angle in a circle is 360?

It's actually 2(pi), you technically need to say 360 degrees. I believe we defined it to be that, but you can prove that it's 360 degrees: Draw a diameter. Draw a second diameter perpendicular to the first. You now have four right angles. Right angles measure 90 degrees. 90 * 4 = 360 Hence, there are 360 degrees in the circle.

What is the diameter of a skating circle?

The diameter of a skating circle will vary depending on the size of the skating rink. The diameter is determined by measuring from the middle of the circle from one side to the other.

If the radius of a circle is 6 yd the diameter is?

What is the sum of a center angles of a circle

How many dregrees are in a circle?

There are no angles in a circle but the circle covers 360° (degrees)

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