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The autosum button will insert the function "=sum(...)" and suggest (highlight) a range it finds most likely - usually adjacent cells above, or to the left, of the cell where you insert the formula.

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Q: What is the auto sum button in Exel?
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Which toolbar button can you use to calculate your total expenses?

auto sum

What is the path button to auto sum on Excel?

Home Tab/Editing Group

Can you use the Auto Sum button on the Ribbon to quickly insert the Average function?

Yes you can.

What automobile rim manufacture makes EXEL WHEELS that's all it says on the center cap on your rims?

They are made by Exel Wheel Company and not by an auto manufacture.

What is auto sum button and how does it work?

There is a Sigma "∑" buton available on the standard toolbar on the top of the Excel sheet or on the ribbon. It starts the SUM function in a cell, which will select cells to sum up and also allow you to change the selection. So it automatically sums values.

When will you use might use the autosum button in the real world?

Never. You will only ever use the auto sum button when you are using a computer with that facity buit in to the program.

In excel what is the correct formula to auto sum column B?

If you have numbers in cells B1 through B134, use the formula: =SUM(B1:B134). You can use auto sum to insert the formula by highlighting the column (you can click on the column letter) and clicking the AutoSum button on the menu.

Will the Excel auto-sum function automatically find the sums of several columns in a range and put the currect sum below each column?

Yes, you can do that. If you have a series of columns, you can highlight all of the column to select the range. When you click on the auto-sum button, Excel will insert =SUM(XX:XX) at the bottom of each column in the range.

How do you produce the sum of a column by using the auto sum function?

Assuming you're using Microsoft Excel, select the entire column by clicking and dragging with the mouse, then press the AutoSum button (looks like Σ).

When was Exel created?

Exel was created in 1985.

What is the population of Exel?

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A fast way to add up this column of numbers is to click in the cell below the numbers and then what?

click the auto-sum button on the menu