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These days, lots of secondary schools in England are starting to settle for a level 4a. The truth is, I am in a school that specialises in business and enterprise and in some cases, a level 5b at the end of year 7 may place you in top set for year 8. I achieved a level 6c at the end of year 7 and ended up in top set for year 8. Really, a 4a, 5c or 5b is average; occasionally a 5b may be high.

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Q: What is the average level in maths for a year 7?
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Is level 5c in Maths good level in year 7?

5c for a year 7 student is average, as many accomplish level 5 in year 6

What is national curriculum level?

LEVELS Level W Working towards level 1Level 1 Average for a 5 year oldLevel 2 Average for a 7 year oldLevel 3 Average for a 9 year oldLevel 4 Average for a 11 year oldLevel 5 Average for a 13 year oldLevel 6 Average for a 14 year oldLevel 7 Above average for a 14 year oldLevel 8 Only available in maths

Is it possible to be a level 7 in maths in year 7?

anything is possible my son.

What is the average level for a year 7 maths levelAsk us anything?

It depends what school you go to.In my school, where we specialise in maths, the average level would be about a 6c. But in a grammer school it could be higher. If you mean the national curriculum levels then the average is about 4a-5c. Hope this helped :)

What is the expected level for year 8 in maths english and science?

In year eight, the government expects pupils to be a level 5a at English, Maths and Science. The exceptional pupils should be at a level 6b for English, a 7 at science and a 7/8 for maths. Hope this helps.

Is level 5 good for a yr 6?

Yes, level 5 is good for a year 6. Here is a simple table to show you the expectations of a child: Level W Working towards level 1, very weak Level 1 Average for a typical 5 year old Level 2 Average for a typical 7 year old Level 3 Average for a typical 9 year old Level 4 Average for a typical 11 year old Level 5 Average for a typical 13 year old Level 6 Average for a typical 14 year old Level 7 Above average for typical 14 yr old Level 8 Only available in maths Hope this helps :)

What level should you achieve in your sats?

You should achieve the best result you can possibly get-level 5 is average but you shouldn't get that level as you should have got that in Yr 6 if you do get that level then you are oviously not smart and need menatl training the highest levels you should get are 7's and an eight for maths!!!! if you are a year 7 you should be getting 6's and 7's.

What is the average level in English in year 7?

About 4a.

Average level for a year 7?

A high level 4 or low level 5.

What is an average level at ks3 for 12 year old?

Considered level 4 is average for someone in year 6 and level 5/6 is average for someone in year 9 I would say 4C-5B level 7 is above average.

What is the expected level for year 7 in maths English and science?

I go to a grammar school, so I'm not sure what the levels are like in comprehensive schools, but at my school, in year 7, you are expected to: Gain a low six in Maths & Science; and, Gain a high five/low six in English. I gained a low 6 in science, a 6B in maths & a 7B in English!!!

What is the high level in maths for year 7?

In most schools in England, a level 5a or above would be high for a year 7, with a 6a or above being 'exceptional performance' for a year 7. Usually, if you have achieved a level 5a or above, you would be place in the top set for year 8.I know, I have been working at low averages for about a year, but at the end of year 7 I achieved a level 6c. In my school, we started our new academic three weeks earlier than the start of the summer holidays. In year 8 top set maths set (my set), the average levels were typically a level 5a or 6c, with the highest level in the set being a 7c and the lowest level was a 5b.The previous answer was true in a way, but to tell you the truth, expectations in KS3 have lowered in the past few years; in 2004/5, the expected level for the end of year 7 was a level 6a/7c - and wasn't even an academy! Also, the expected GCSE grade for the end of year 10 was an A*, and if you had achieved any lower than a B, you would of had to retake the papers and re - study until you pass, otherwise you had to take a special course when you finally had to start in college. ..