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The difference between a triangle, rectangle, pentagon, and parallelogram id the number of sides:

Triangle= 3 sides

Rectangle= 4 sides

Pentogon= 5 sides

But, a parallelogram, is a polygon that has all sides parael to one another.

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Q: What is the difference between a triangle a rectangle a pentagon and a parallelogram?
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What do rectangle trapezoid square triangle and the parallelogram have in common?

They are all polygons.

What is made when you combine a triangle with a parallelogram?

A Pentagon

A triangle and a trapezoid can be combined to make a?

Bigger triangle, a parallelogram or a pentagon.

What are 12 geometry shapes?

Circle. Ellipse. Rectangle. Square. Triangle. Parallelogram. Trapezoid. Losenge. Deltoid. Pentagon. Hexagon. Parabola. That's twelve.

Hexagon is to pentagon as rectangle is to?

as rectangle is to square I would say Rectangle is to Triangle. Because Hexagon-6sides, pentagon-5 sides, Rectangle-4 sides, triangle 3 sides. But that is just me :)

Does a pentagon rectangle and a right triangle have symmetrical lines?


What do a triangle rectangle and pentagon have in common?

They are all polygons

What three polygons are on the flag of the Bahamas?

1 triangle 1 pentagon and 2 trapezoids

What are Kind of polygons and its definitions?

Polygon Regular polygon Vertex Triangle Equilateral triangle Isosceles triangle Scalene triangle Acute triangle Obtuse triangle Right triangle Quadrilateral Rectangle Square Parallelogram Rhombus Trapezoid Pentagon Hexagon Heptagon Octagon Nonagon Decagon Circle Convex

What are some polygons?

Square,Triangle,Rectangle,Rhombus and Pentagon.

What is the difference between a triangle rectangle and a normal rectangle?

The main difference is that a triangle rectangle cannot exist.

Is this a 2-d shape?

these are 2D shapes:square,parallelogram,rhombus,hexagon,octagon,triangle,circle,pentagon and a rectangle