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a literal is a constant value, the difference is a variable can change it's value.

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Q: What is the difference between a variable and a literal in prgramming?
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What are similarities and difference between regular and literal equations?

by getting the variable by it's self

What is difference between Webcontrol and Literal?

the difference between webcontrol and literal?

What is the difference between 'a' and a in C?

a -- identifier 'a' -- character-literal "a" -- string-literal

What is the difference between an identifier and a literal?


What is the difference between A and A in string?

Well, A is an identifier; 'A' is a character-literal; "A" is a string literal (of 1 character); "'A'" is another string literal (of 3 characters).

What do you mean by literals in boolean algebra?

A literal is either a variable or a negated variable.

Int a is literal in C language or not?

int a; -- variable definition"int a" -- string literal

What is the difference between the words bases and basis?

The main difference is that base is the literal word and basis the figurative word

What is literal in system software?

A literal can be a number, a character, or a string. For example, in the expression, x = 3 x is a variable, and 3 is a literal.

What is the difference between figurative language and descriptive?

descriptive is more literal than figuative.

An expression that contains at least one variable?

Literal Equation

What is a special type of literal equation?

An identity is a special type of literal equation. It is true for all values of the variable.