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Mesh size is usually used in the US. It's just an alternative system used to describe the hole size. For example, 35 mesh (US) is the same as 0.5mm or 500 microns.

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Q: What is the difference on between micron and mesh sizes?
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What is smaller 4 micron or 600 mesh?

4 microns is smaller. 600 messh related to openings per square inch. The thickness of screen wire must be reduced from this opening size. For example, 500 mesh screens are rated to have an average 25 microns opening size. For 600 mesh this comes to approximately 21 microns.

What is the difference between independent and dependent variables in ABAQUS?

Dependent part instancesBy default, Abaqus/CAE creates a dependent instance of a part. A dependent instance is only a pointer to the original part. In effect, a dependent instance shares the geometry and the mesh of the original part. As a result, you can mesh the original part, but you cannot mesh a dependent instance. When you mesh the original part, Abaqus/CAE applies the same mesh to all dependent instances of the part. Most modifications are not allowed on a dependent part instance; for example, you cannot add partitions or create virtual topology. However, operations that do not modify the geometry of a dependent part instance are still allowed; for example, you can create sets, apply loads and boundary conditions, and define connector section assignments. If you have already meshed a part or added virtual topology to the part, you can create only a dependent instance of the part.If you apply an adaptive remeshing rule to a dependent part instance in the Mesh module, Abaqus/CAE remeshes the original part and applies the new mesh to each dependent instance of the part.You cannot change the mesh attributes of an individual dependent part instance; for example, the mesh seeds, mesh controls, element types, and the mesh itself. However, you can change the mesh attributes of the original part, and Abaqus/CAE propagates the changes to all dependent instances of the part. Although you have already meshed the original part and applied the same mesh to its dependent instances, the mesh is visible only in the Mesh module. You continue to work with the native Abaqus/CAE geometry in the Assembly, Interaction, and Load modules.The advantages of dependent part instances are that they consume fewer memory resources and you need mesh the part only once. In addition, Abaqus/CAE instances a dependent part instance in the input file by writing a single set of nodal coordinates and element connectivity to define the part along with a transform to define each part instance.Independent part instancesIn contrast, an independent part instance is a copy of the geometry of the original part. You cannot mesh a part from which you created an independent part instance; however, you can mesh the independent instance. In addition to meshing, you can perform most other operations on an independent instance; for example, you can add partitions and create virtual topology. The disadvantages of independent instances are that they consume more memory resources, and you must mesh each independent instance individually. In addition, Abaqus/CAE does not take advantage of instantiation in the input file with independent part instances-sets of nodal coordinates and element connectivity are written to the input file for each independent part instance.

What is the function of wire mesh in science experiment?

good conductor

What is a cone shaped fine mesh strainer?

A conical sieve.

Mesh analysis examples with complex numbers?

instead of using mesh loop analysis, because most calculators don't operate in variable and complex mode at the same time, you have to use substitution.

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80 mesh size equal to how many micron?

80 mesh size is equal to approximately 180 microns.

How does 500 mesh convert to particle size?

mesh 500 micron=31 inches=0.0012

What is the difference between hard mesh and Canadian mesh?

Canadian mesh is twice as thick as hard mesh.

What is the difference between Marc mesh and hard mesh for lacrosse?

marc mesh is softer then hard mesh it also is easier to break in and it is waterproof

Which is bigger a 250 mesh or a 40 mesh filter?

No. of openings per square inch of wire mesh is specifies the mesh size and its again depends on wire dia also. If the number of openings per square inch is more then partical size which it can pass through the filter will be less. For example for 325 mesh size, where in 44 micron size of particle can get filter. In 200 mesh size 74 micron size of particle will get filter.

What is the difference between full mesh and partial mesh?

Clients in a full mesh have a direct connection with all other clients in the mesh. while a partial mesh does only have some connections with other clients in the mesh.

What is the difference between the strainer and filter?

Filter is a finer version of strainer or strainer is a coarser version of filter. If particle size to be filtered>200 mesh, then its the job of strainer If particle size to be filtered<200 mesh, then its the job of filter

What is the difference between monster mesh and six diamond mesh?

There is no difference. They are the same thing. Although there are 4 different types of monster mesh them being mega mesh (5 diamond), monster mesh (6 diamond), 7, and eight diamond monster mesh. The entire company is called monster mesh but when people say monster mesh they normally mean 6 diamond. :)

What is difference between gradient and mesh tool in illustrator?

i am kaval jeet kour i want answer my questions

What are the different sizes of wire mesh commonly used for?

The different sizes of wire mesh are commonly used for many different tasks. Some of these tasks include concrete construction, conveyor systems and to create filters.

What is the difference between avicel pH 101 and avicel pH 102?

Microcrystalline cellulose is commercially available in different particle sizes and moisture grades which have different properties and applications.Avicel PH 101Has a nominal mean particle size of 50 microns

What is the difference between mesh analysis and nodal analysis?

In Mesh analysis you are using the values of the currents within a certain part of a circuit. In Node Analysis, you are observing the voltage at a certain point.