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Q: What is the exchange value of a product called?
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Objects that have value in themselves as well as their value by means of exchange are called?

Fiat money

What are objects called that have value in and of themselves as well as value as a means of exchange?

commodity money

What is the value of currency in one country compared with the value of currency in another?

This is called the Exchange Rate. You can look up exchange rates in newspapers, or in the internet.

What is Exchange value and medicine of exchange?

What is exchange value and medicine of exchange

What is a product called that is brought and sold and has value in a worldwide market?


What is The added value that marketing adds to a product is called?


Can you return or exchange an product for a different product?

Generally you can return or exchange a product for a different product, but stores have their own policies. It is best to check those policies before purchasing anything.

If the supply and demand for currency determines the exchange rates this is called?


What does Xerox Corporation exchange its copiers and service contracts for?

Xerox Corporation exchanges its copiers and service contracts for money, or the promise to pay money in the future. Sometimes they also exchange for a valued service or product. That is called a barter exchange.

What is anything that is used to determine values during the exchange of goods and services called a. Medium of exchange b. Barter c. Unit of account d. Store of value?

Anything that is used to determine values during the exchange of goods and services called a unit of account. This field of study is called macroeconomics.

What is it called when the value of money drops?

That's simple! Inflation. Money has less value, and to compensate it, product prices have to be higher.

When was Exchange Value - short story - created?

Exchange Value - short story - was created in 1981.