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If you mean, to calculate the volume, for ANY pyramid, and for cones as well, the formula is: V = (1/3)Bh, that is 1/3 times the base area, times the height. The height must be calculated perpendicular to the area that contains the base.

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Q: What is the formula for a right square pyramid?
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What is the formula of square pyramid?

The formula for a square pyramid is one square attached to four triangles which meet at a point.There are other formulae for the surface area or for the volume.

If a Egyptian pyramid has a square base that measures 500 yards and the pyramid stands 300 yards tall what would be the volume of the pyramid?

The answer is 25,000,000 yards. The formula for volume for a regular right pyramid is (1/3)bxbxh.

Which object has five faces one square base and one line of symmetry?

A right, square based pyramid.A right, square based pyramid.A right, square based pyramid.A right, square based pyramid.

What does s stand for in the formula for a square pyramid?

it stands for sides

Does a square base pyrimad have right angles?

No, but a square pyramid does.

What do you use to measure the volume of a square pyramid?

You can use the formula V = (1/3) × b^2 × h, where b is the base length of the square pyramid and h is the height of the pyramid. This formula calculates the volume of a square pyramid by taking one-third of the base area multiplied by the height.

What is the volume formula of a square pyramid?

V = (1/3)a2h

What is the surface area of the right square pyramid in square meters?

It depends on the dimensions of the base and the height (slant or vertical) of the pyramid.

What is the area of a square pyramid?

The answer will depend on the area of the base, whether or not it is a right pyramid, and its height.

Why is that 1 over 3 was use in the formula of getting the volume of the square pyramid?

Because 1over3 seems right so that's y it's 1over3

What is the volume formula for a square pyramid?

(Base height x base width x pyramid height) divided by 2

What is the formula to find the area of a pyramid?

first you find the area of the base and then you find the area one side of the pyramid an you time it with 3 if it is a triangular pyramid or 4 if it is a square pyramid