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d = 12.41cm (12.41409cm)

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Q: What is the length of the diameter of a circle with a circumference of 39cm?
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A rectangle is 1.76m by 39cm what is the perimeter?


How many m equal 39cm?


What is the smallest perimeter area 49cm?

I think this means we have a shape with a perimeter 39cm and we are asked what is the smallest area. It is a rectangle of length 19.5cm and width zero. Or perhaps it should read area 49 cm squared., what is the smallest periimeter. A circle with 49=pi x r2. Then perimeter=pi x 2r

How long is 39cm?

Longer than your's will ever be, I you no what i mean.

How can a rectangle be made with an area of 39cm square?

Yes if the dimensions were 3cm by 13cm

How many millimeters are there in 39 centimeters?

There are 390 millimeters in 39 centimeters. This is because there are 10 millimeters in 1 centimeter.

How much is 39cm put into mm?

390. There are 10 mm in 1 cm, so 39 x 10 = 390.

How many centremetres in 390 millimetres?

There are 10 millimetres in a centimetre. To convert mm to cm, you have to divide by 10. 390/10 is 39cm.

What is the perimeter of of a octagon 39cm on a side?

If the octagon is regular, then one side is 39 and there is 8 side, it will be 39*8The answer is 312 cm squaredIf it isn't a regular octagon, then there is no solution

The length of the rectangle is 7cm more than the widthThe perimeter is 78cm Find the rectangle?

The rectangle is 23cm x 16cmHalf the perimeter is 78 / 2= 39cm (which is one side and one end).39 - 7 = 32cm32 / 2 = 16cm (one end)16 + 7 = 23cm (one side)Proof:(23 + 16) x 2 = 78cm the perimeter.

How many inches in 3.9 centimeters?

1 Inch = 2.54 cm Or 1cm = 0.393700787 inches So 39cm would equal 15.3543307 inches