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Q: What is the mathematical name for a quadrilatural shape that has 2 long sides the same length 2 short sides the same length and does not have any right angles and does not have reflective symmetry?
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The sum of angles in a quadrilatural?


What is a quadrilatural with no right angles and no four sides the same length?

A trapezoid

What do you call a pentagon which has no reflective symmetery?

If all the sides and angles of a pentagon were equal, you would be able to put a mirror through the centre, and have the reflection be equal to the original image. This means that it would have reflective symmetry. If a pentagon does not have reflective symmetry, then it's angles and side lengths cannot all be the same. Thus, it is an irregular pentagon.

How do you draw a symmetric line through a circle?

Any line through a circle has reflective symmetry about the radius that is at right angles to it.

What is the name of a quadrilateral that has 2 long sides the same length and 2 short sides the same length but it does not have any right angles or any reflective symmetry?

a rectangleImproved Answer:-It is a parallelogram

What is the angles of rotational symmetry for a circle?

A circle has an infinite number of angles of rotational symmetry.

How many angles of rotational symmetry does a circle have?

infinite angles of rotational symmetry... (: ~kitty <3 = =

Show three lines of symmetry?

If your asking what shape has three lines of symmetry, your answer would be an equilateral triangle. You can tell how many lines of symmetry a shape that has all angles of the same measure has by looking at it's angles. Ex., pentagon has five angles--five lines of symmetry; octagon has eight angles, eight lines of symmetry; etc.

What quadrilateral shape has opposite angles squal but no line of symmetry?

Parrallelogram (it has rotational symmetry but no lines of symmetry)

How many axes of symmetry has a rhombus?

2 axes from angles to angles

Do kites have congruent opposite angles?

Only the pair of angles opposite the line of symmetry are equal. The other two angles that are bisected by the line of symmetry are not equal. if these angles were equal then the shape would be a rhombus.

What shape has four right angles but only two lines of symmetry?

A rectangle. Obviously the right angles are in the four corners of the rectangle. The lines of symmetry occur across the horizontal and vertical. There are no lines of symmetry on the diagonal.