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In statistics, a likelihood function (often simply likelihood) is a function of a statistical model. The likelihood of a set parameter values, given outcomes x, is equal to the probability of those observed outcome.

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Q: What is the meaning of the word likelihood?
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What is the meaning of likelihood?


What is the meaning likelihood?


What is a sentence using the word likelihood?

The likelihood of a car accident is unlikely.

What is another word for probability?


Can you give me a sentence that has the word likelihood?

The likelihood of me going to the football game is not very good.

What word is defined as the likelihood that a particular event will happen?

The likelihood that a particular event will happen is the probability of that event.

What the meaning of the Chances are?

It is a measurement of the likelihood of the occurrence of an event whose outcome is uncertain.

What is a sentence with the word 'likelihood'?

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What part of speech is the word probably?

The word probably is an adverb. It means in all likelihood.

What word is used to measure the likelihood that an event will happen?

I think that the word you are looking for is 'probability.'

What is a sentence for the word likelihood?

The likelihood of North Korea apologising for their actions is about the same as sheep growing wings and flying off to Mars.There is a high likelihood that you are suffering from Lackofteaosis.She said the likelihood that we have bacon for lunch was slim. She lied.

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