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Q: What is the most potent form of physical expression?
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What is the most potent form of vitamin E?

Your sperm contains a high amount of vitamin E

What is the most dangerous or potent form of the drug addiction?


What is an expression of second degree?

An expression of the second degree can be any kind of expression, the most popular being a quadratic polynomial of the form ax^2 + bx + c.

Is aldosterone the most potent mineralocorticoid?

Yes, aldosterone is the most potent mineralocorticoid in the body. It plays a key role in regulating sodium and potassium balance, as well as fluid volume in the body.

What is the most potent cheese?


What physical form of water is most present on earth?

Liquid water is the most abundant physical form of water on Earth, covering approximately 71% of the planet's surface in oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers.

What is the most potent stimulus for thirst?

dry mouth

________, or the use of words to express your feelings or views about the government, is the most protected form of expression?

Political speech

Is beef or spinach a more potent source of the vitamin you need to prevent night blindness?

spinach is the most potent source of vitamins

What is the most effective physical form to spread a biological agent?


What is the most effective physical form for spreading biological agent?


Is fioricet a narcotic?

Fioricet is a derivation of acetaminophen, butibital, and caffeine. The medication can be used with codine as well. Most narcotics are labeled as such because they are potent in its raw form. It is not considered a narcotic.