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A parallelogram

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Q: What is the name of a shape which has 2 long sides 2 short sides no right angles and no reflective symmtery?
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What is a line of symmtery?

A line of symmetry is a 'mirror image' of a shape.

Can a parallelogram have right angle?

Not normally but in the shape of a rectangle it has 4 right angles.

What is the mathematical name for a quadrilatural shape that has 2 long sides the same length 2 short sides the same length and does not have any right angles and does not have reflective symmetry?


What do you call a shape with 5 sides and 5 right angles?

A shape with five sides would be a pentagon, but a shape can not have 5 right angles. Squares and Rectangles are both shapes with 4 sides and 4 right angles. They are the only shape with the same amount of right angles as there is sides.

What shape has Two sets of parallel sides but no right angles?

A shape with parallel sides but no right angles is called a parallelogram

What shape has no faces with four right angles?

Any open shape with four right angles, including the crossing axes.

What shape has no right angles?

A regular 5 sided pentagon is one such example of a shape having no right angles

WHAT SHAPE has 2right angles?

The simplest shape that can have 2 right angles is a rectangle or a square. You can make an unlimited number of more complex shapes, though. A house shape is a pentagon with 2 right angles--you could even make it with 3 right angles.

What shape does not have right angles?


What is a shape with right angles?

A rectangle.

What shape can have no right angles?

A circle.

What shape is a parallelogram with right angles?

It is a rectangle having 4 interior right angles