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If the area is one square meter, the side length is one meter. Therefore, the perimeter is four meters.

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Q: What is the perimeter of a square if the area is 1M sq?
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How do you get the area and perimeter of a square to be 30cm?

If the perimeter of a square is 30 cm, each side is 7.5 cm and the area is 56.25 sq cm. For a square to have an area of 30 sq cm each side would have to be 5.48cm.

What is the perimeter of a square with an area of 25 sq ft?

The perimeter of a square with an area of 25 sq ft is 20 feet because each side of the square is 5 feet, so the perimeter must be 4 x 5 feet.

What is the area of a closed figure with a perimeter of 15 square units?

The perimeter is not going to have sq units. If the perimeter of a square is 15 units then the area would be 14.0625units squared.

What is the area of a square minor if its perimeter is 48cm?

144 sq cm

What is the perimeter of a square with an area of 144 sq cm?

It is 48 cm.

The perimeter of a square is 12cm what is its area?

9 sq cm

The perimeter of a square sand box is 4.8 m what is the area?

The answer is 1.44 sq. In.

What is the perimeter and area of a square that is 26 centimeters on each side?

Perimeter = 104 cmArea = 676 sq cm.

How many cm makes 1m sqare?

The cm is a length so I presume the question asks for the perimeter of a square with 1m sides. In that case 400cm. On the other hand if it is an infinitely long, infinitely narrow rectangle with area 1 sq m, the answer is an infinity of cm.

What is the area of a square if the perimeter is 112 centimeters?

The area of square is : 12544.0

Two rectangles have a perimeter of 16 inches Name two possible areas for each rectangle?

* It is unclear if the question is asking about two rectangles, each with a perimeter of 16, or two rectangles whose perimeters sum to 16. This answer assumes the former.Other than the 4x4 square, which coincidentally has both a perimeter and area of 16, some examples would be:1 x 7 rectangle : perimeter 16 in. , area 7 sq. in2 x 6 rectangle : perimeter 16 in., area 12 sq. in3 x 5 rectangle: perimeter 16 in., area 15 sq. inYou can calculate that for a given perimeter, the largest area is found in the square with a side measurement of P/4, i.e. the length and the width are the same.

What is the square of 1m 10cm?

1.21 sq metres

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