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Prices vary and have changed quite a bit in the last 10 years. Right this moment I pay $3.89 per gallon, but look for it as high as $4.39 and as low as $3.75.

I live in upstate NY so price may vary per state and region.

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Q: What is the price of 1 gallon of kerosene?
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What is the price of 1 gallon of kerosene in nc?

$4.14 murphy n.c

What is the price of 1 gallon of kerosene in Indiana?

4.29 in Brazil Indiana

How many liter atmospheres in a gallon of kerosene?

There are 29.92 liter-atmospheres in a gallon of kerosene.

How many Btu's are in 1 gallon of kerosene?

114100 Btu

What order of the layers from top to bottom if 1 gallon of water0.85 gallon of kerosene 1.2 gallon of antifreeze 0.90 gallon vegetable oil are poured into a cylinder?

Top to bottom vegetable oil, kerosene, antifreeze, water.

How many BTUs are there in a gallon of Kerosene?

1 gallon for #1 Kerosene produces 135,000 BTUs. #1 Kerosene is closely related to #1 Diesel and JP8 (Jet Fuel) - they differ chiefly in additives. Likewise, #2 Kerosene, Diesel #2, and Furnace Oil are similar to one another. #2 oils have higher sulfur content, which leads to more eye and lung irritation from the emissions. However, they are also comprised of longer hydrocarbon chains, and therefore weigh more per gallon and also have somewhat higher energy content.

Does kerosene have more btu per gallon thaN gasoline?

Yes. Kerosene has 140,000 btu's per gallon and gasoline has less.

How much does Kerosene cost per gallon?

$3.50-$4.00 per gallon

What is the kilowatt value of 1 liter of kerosene?

The weight of one gallon of kerosene is 6.82 pounds.Based on a cubic foot of kerosene is 51 pounds and 7.48 gallons in a cubic foot.

How much does 100 gallons of kerosene weigh?

100 gallons of kerosene weighs = 660 pounds

How much a gallon of diesel fuel and kerosene and gasoline weigh?

On average: a gallon of diesel fuel weighs about 7 pounds, a gallon of kerosene weighs around 6.8 pounds, and a gallon of gasoline weighs approximately 6.3 pounds. These weights can vary slightly depending on the specific composition and temperature of the fuel.

What was the price of a gallon of gasoline for automobile in 2000?

if I remember correctly it was about $1 per gallon.