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Nearly 100%!

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Q: What is the probability of getting pregnant using the withdrawal method?
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How do you analyze rainfall datas by probability distribution method?

look at the weather

Is probable a synonym for analytic?

No. Probable means that a particular outcome is likely. Probability means the analytic likelihood of a particular outcome. Analysis (analytic, i.e. the method) means, for example, the evaluation of the outcomes to determine how well the experimental probability aligns with the theoretical probability.

Which method is least appropriate for performing a simulation to estimate probability?

I believe that stimulation is always inappropriate. Simulation, maybe, but that was not what the question was about.

How do you compute the probability of an event?

There are two main ways: One is to calculate the theoretical probability. You will need to develop a model for the experiment and then use the laws of science and mathematics to determine the probability of the event (subject to the model's assumptions). A major alternative is the empirical or experimental method. This requires performing the trial many times. The probability of the event is estimated by the proportion of the total number of trials which result in the outcome of interest occurring.

What is the difference between experimental probability and theoretical probability?

In experimental probability the probabilities of the outcomes are calculated as the proportion of "successful" outcomes in repeated trials. In theoretical probability these are calculated on the basis of laws of science being applied to a model of the experiment. For example, to find the probability of rolling a six on a standard die, you could roll the die many times (N) and count the number times that it comes up 6 (n). The experimental probability is n/N. The theoretical approach would be to work from the principle that each outcome was equally likely - since it is a fair die - and since the total probability must be 1, the probability of any one face must be 1/6. The second method will only work if there is a good mathematical model.

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If a person has sex 5 times in one night using pull out method what are the chances of getting pregnant?

The chances are that you will get pregnant as the withdrawal method is highly unreliable.

Is withdrawal method can be pregnant?

Yes. Withdrawal is the WORST decision anyone can make.

Is there a chance of getting pregnant if you had a sex 1 week after your last day of period and you only used withdrawal method?

Yes there is a chance of being pregnant.

How do you get pregnant using the withdrawel method?

Withdrawal doesn't work, so you just get pregnant.

What percent it is possible to get pregnant if you use withdrawal method?

Nearly 100%!

Pregnant from the withdraw method?

yes, this has happened to a lot of people. The withdrawal method is NOT as reliable as a condom.

You want to get pregnant in withdrawal method?

If you keep using it the odds are pretty good that you will become pregnant,

How long will it take to fall pregnant with the pull out method?

Withdrawal DOESN'T work. You'll get pregnant!

Is it alsways good to always use the withdrawal method for not getting pregnant?

It's NEVER good to use that method, it's not birthcontrol!There is always pre-cum and you can get pregnant. Lots of ppl do every day. Get a proper contraception.

Will there be any health problems for the baby if you get pregnant by withdrawal method?

no there shouldn't be any health concerns many women get pregnant using this method

Is withdrawal method can cause psychological problem?

I'm not sure what would cause psychological problems and for who. The man for not getting to ejaculate inside of her? No, that will not cause mental problems. Worrying about getting pregnant might do it though. Withdrawal is not a reliable birth control method and 1/4 get pregnant by it. There is sperm in pre-ejaculate so it is not safe unless you also avoid intercourse when you ovulate.

Can you still get pregnant if you're on birth control and using the withdrawal method?

If you're on birth control then you don't need to use to withdrawal method because you're having protected sex. It is very unlikely that you will get pregnant

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