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The answer to this question depends on the ratio os what aspect of plants and humans you are interested in. Is it the ratio of:

  • the number of species
  • the number of individuals
  • the total (bio-)mass.

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Q: What is the ratio of plants to humans?
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Why is the golden ratio interesting?

The Golden Ratio is interesting due to it being in place throughout nature. The Golden Ratio is present within humans, several species of plants, and even in the shells of some species invertibrates.

Which plants benefit humans?

Almost all plants benefit humans

Can plants live without humans and can humans live without plants?

yes. no.

What are differences between plants and humans?

Plants are autotroph and humans and animals are heterotroph.

What do humans get from plants?

the get nutrients from plants

What is the ratio of humans to cows in Wyoming?

There are more cows than humans in Wyoming, with an estimated ratio of about 1.5 cows per person in the state. This is due to Wyoming being a leading producer of beef in the United States.

Why is human important to plants?

Plants give off oxygen in which humans live off. And in return humans give off carbon dioxide in which plants live off.

How plants can be harmful to humans?

Plants can be dangerous to humans due to poisons or allergies.

Why do plants need humans?

Plants do not necessarily need humans to survive. However, humans provide certain benefits to plants such as suitable growing conditions, protection from pests, and resources like water and nutrients. In return, plants provide oxygen, food, and beauty to humans.

Blake has a garden in his backyard. He picked 55 tomatoes from 5 tomato plants. What is the ratio of tomato plants to tomatoes picked?

The ratio is 1 : 11.

What was the ratio of tall to short plants in the F2 generation mendel experiments?


Who grow plants?

humans, animals, plants itself