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The everyday world we live in is filled with pain and suffering. We as human beings can't help to ask the question why. Why do people get cancer? Why are there earthquakes that destroy entire cities? Why do people have to work so hard just to have enough money to barely feed their families? In the Hindu and Buddhist teachings we learn that to live is to suffer. It is a key aspect in the balance of the universe. In the Hindu belief system, every person is accountable for his or her actions. That is the basis of Karma. Our lives at any given point are a net result of our past actions, both good and evil. We are capable of good as well as evil, since God gave us intelligence and independence. Therefore, we are responsible for the consequences of our actions. The Hindu belief system also includes the belief that our soul, which is immortal goes through endless life cycles. It somehow carries with it an imprint of our past actions. Therefore, suffering of a good person can be the result of actions in past lives. Hinduisms view is simply that when a person suffers in this life they are paying their debt back to the universe to bring balance back to the circle of life. It also holds that a person can experience less suffering in the next life by doing acts of good in the present thus a person's karma. Hindus believe their position in life is based on their actions in a previous life, or lives: The Law of Karma, which from good must come good, and from evil must come evil. Hinduism embraces the existence of suffering in the world and in doing so teaches the paths for one to be free of suffering and obtain moksha which means freedom or liberation which is the ultimate human goal. Hinduism is has different groups of caterorys. * Brahmans,(highest) priests and scholars * Kshatriyas, (next) nobles and warriors * Vaisyas, (next) farmers and merchants * Sudras, (lowest) serfs and slaves Thanks, Navinth Ravikumar

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Q: What is the reason according to Hinduism for suffering?
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Is end suffering Buddhism or Hinduism or both?

no, Buddhism believe this , while Hinduism does not support this fact. Hinduism believe that life is given for a reason.

What was not a main belief of Hinduism?


Does Hinduism life suffering?

No, this is belief of Buddhism. In Hinduism life is very beautiful and given for a very specific purpose.

Which of the following was not a main belief of Hinduism?

the belief that they like women Suffering

What are the global concept of cultural diffusion of Hinduism?

i think it means suffering

Which statement explains Siddhartha's Gautama's motivation to develop an alternative to Hinduism traditions?

siddhartha saw the suffering and hardships of life due to Hinduism. his belief that life should not all be suffering lead to Buddhism.

What is the nature of the soul for Hinduism and Buddhism?

The soul, according to man's actions in life, either is reincarnated into more suffering or if he or she has done good actions, become one with the universe.

According to Hinduism Vishnu is the God of?

According to Hinduism, Vishnu is the god of protection.

Is Hinduism a life of suffering?

Life is suffering in religious terms since none is exceptional to law of conservation as long as in physical body.

Who founed the religion Hinduism?

Hinduism originated from god himself, so there is no founder of Hinduism. Hinduism is also called the religion of No man for the same reason.

Do Hinduism and Buddhism agree that a person's life on earth is filled with great suffering?

No. Hinduism believes that life is a great suffering is connected to one's Karma or Fate while Buddhism believes that a person's mind and body are connected so if a person follows the 8 fold path of Tathagata he/she will have no suffering at all. Life is a bliss in buddhism. Suffering occurs only when you fall out of the 8 fold path.

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