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the lower the frequency the lower the pitch; higher pitch lower frequency

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Q: What is the relation between pitch and frequency?
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The relation between frequency and time period of a wave is?

the relation between frequency and time period is ''t=1/f''

What is pitch in relation to sound?

Pitch is often used to represent the frequency of a sound in music. It is distinguished from frequency though, because pitch involves how a human perceives that sound.

What is the relation between frequency and period of wave?

Frequency = 1 / period

Mathematical relation between frequency and wavelenghth?

frequency = speed of light/wavelength

Is there any relation between ampiltude frequency?


What is relation between frequency and voltage of that frequency?

voltage and frequency both are different quantity.. don't mix it...

What is the difference between the words pitch and frequency?

Frequency has a 'Q' in it.

What is the relation between shrillness of sound and frequency?

The shrillness of a sound is related to its frequency, with higher frequency sounds typically perceived as more shrill or piercing. This is because higher frequency sounds have more rapid vibrations, which our ears interpret as a higher pitch and increased sharpness in tone.

What is the relationship between frequency and pitch of a sound?

Higher the frequency, higher the pitch. Doubling a frequency raises pitch by one (musical) octave. Many people can hear sounds at frequencies between 20 Hz and 16kHz.

What is equation for current and frequency relation-ship?

There is no such equation. The main reason is that there is no relationship between current and frequency.

How does frequency effect pitch?

its the characteristic of sound by which we differentiate between a shrill and a grave sound .higher the frequency greater will be the pitch!

What is relation between frefuency and pitch?

The wave equation