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If the question was about 8x = 218, then x = 218/8 = 27.25.

If not, unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by WA means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "equals" etc.

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2012-03-30 15:29:06
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Q: What is the solution 8x 218?
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How do you solve 5 - 8x equals 16 - 8x?

You add 8x to each side. This gives you 5 = 16. Since this has no solution, the original equation doesn't have any solution, either.

What is the solution for square root of 218?

Sqrt(218) = ± 14.7648 approx

Is x equals 1 a solution of the equation 2 - 8x?

No. That is because 2 - 8x is an algebraic expression, not an equation. And since it is not an equation, it does not have a solution.

Find the solution set of 4 2x - 3 plus 7 equals 8x?

4(2x-3)+7=8x8x-12+7=8x-8x..........-8x-12+7=0+12.....+127=12-7...-7No Solution:0≠54(2x-3+7)=8x8x-12+28=8x-8x............8x-12+28=0+12.......+1228=12-28...-28No Solution: 0≠-16

11x=24+8x Check solution?


How would you show your work for a problem that's answer is no solution?

Well, lets say your question is 8x-7=8(x-3) you would do 8x-7=8(x-3) 8x-7=8x-24 -8x-7=-8x-24 -7=-24 And from there it would show that there is no solution. No number can make that equation possible. Hope I helped :D

What is the equation of 8x-2 equals 14?

[ 8x - 2 = 14 ] is the equation.[ x = 2 ] is the solution to the equation.

Which number belongs to the solution set of the equation below 8x 120?

If that's 8x = 120, x = 15

What is the solution to X2equals8x-90?

The answer is No Solution, Assuming the problem is [ x2 = 8x - 90 ]: x2 = 8x - 90 [ or, 2x = 8x - 90 ] 10x = (-90) x = (-9) So, lets plug in "x". 2(-9) = 8(-9) - 90 (-18) = (-72) - 90 (-18) = (-162) And thus, there is no solution.

What is the solution to 6x-14x equals 35 plus 11?

6x - 14x = 35 + 11 -8x = 46 8x = -46 8x/8 = -46/8 x = -5.75

What is the real solution for the equation x2-8x-4 equals 0?

I'll show work. X2-8x-4=0. X2-8x=4. X-8x=2. -7x=2. X=-(2/7).

What is the solution of -8x equals 32?

-8x = 32Divide each side by 8:-x = 4Multiply each side by -1:x = -4

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