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Average speed = Total Distance/Total Time = (15+25)/2 = 40/2 = 20 miles per hour.

Velocity (due North) = Total NET distance North/Total Time = (15-25)/2 = -10/2

= -5 miles per hour

or, velocity due South = 5 miles per hour.

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Q: What is the speed and velocity of 15 miles north 25 miles south driven in 2 hours?
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Find the velocity of a truck that travels 75 miles north in 2.5 hours?

Speed = Distance divided by Time. So, speed = 75 miles divided by 2.5 hours = 75 / 2.5 = 30 miles per hour. Velocity is speed and direction, so the velocity is 30 mph Northbound.

What is the velocity of an car that travels 50 miles north turns around and travels 50 miles south in 5 hours Question 6 options 0 2 mph south 5 mph south 25 mph north?

The car's net displacement is 0 miles (north 50 miles - south 50 miles). Since the total time taken is 5 hours, the velocity is 0 mph because velocity is displacement divided by time, resulting in 0 mph.

A car travels 100 miles east in 2 hours and 30 miles north in one hour. What is the average speed of the car?

average velocity = miles/hours = (100 + 30)/(2 + 1) = 130/3 ≈ 43.33 miles/hour

What is the velocity of a car that travels 260 miles in 4 hours driving to the northeast?

The velocity of the car is 65 miles per hour. This is calculated by dividing the distance traveled (260 miles) by the time taken (4 hours). Since direction is not specified in the calculation of velocity, the northeast direction does not affect the final answer.

What is a example of a value for velocity?

30 miles per hour north

What is the velocity of a car that traveled a total of 100kilometers North in 2 hours?

The average velocity during that period of time is 100 kilometers per 2 hours north. It may also be stated as 50 kilometers per hour north.

Is six miles per hour per second north an example of velocity?

We're not completely sure what you mean by "per hour per second". Going just by what we see in the question, it's an acceleration, not a velocity. "Six miles per hour north" would be a velocity.

What is the difference between speed and velocity is that velocity?

Speed is a scalar quantity that measures the rate of motion, while velocity is a vector quantity that includes both speed and direction. Speed only tells you how fast an object is moving, but velocity tells you how fast it's moving and in which direction.

What is the velocity of a car that traveled a total amount of 75 kilometers north in 1.5 hours?

50km/hour North.

What is speed and how is speed different from velocity?

Velocity is speed plus direction. If you say you are traveling at 54 miles per hour, you are giving your speed. If you say you are going north at 54 miles per hour, you are giving your velocity.

The difference between speed and velocity is that velocity include?

Velocity includes both the speed of an object and its direction of motion, while speed only refers to how fast an object is moving without considering the direction. Velocity is a vector quantity, meaning it has both magnitude and direction, whereas speed is a scalar quantity with magnitude only.

A powerful storm attacks the North Carolina coast with winds blowing at 89 miles per hour What is the velocity of these winds?

The velocity of the winds blowing at 89 miles per hour during a storm on the North Carolina coast is 89 miles per hour.