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72 square feet (18 feet times 4 feet)

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Q: What is the square footage of 18 ft x 4 ft pool?
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How do you measure the square footage for base on an 18' round pool?

The base of the pool is a circle with a diameter of 18 ft. The radius is 9 ft. The area of the circle is (pi) times (R2) = 81pi = 254.47 square feet (rounded to 2 decimal places))

What is square footage of a 13 x 21 ft pool?


What is square footage of 18 ft by 10 ft?

18 x 10 = 180 ft^2

How do you get square footage of room when the room is 18 feet by 20 feet?

18 ft X 20 ft = 360 Square feet

How do you get the square footage of 14 feet wide and 18 feet long?

14 ft x 18 ft = 14*18 = 252 square feet.

How do you calculate the square footage of a room?

To calculate square footage, you multiply the length by the width of the room. So, if the room measures 10 ft. by 18 ft., your total area is 180 sq. ft.

What is the square footage of a room 10 foot by 18 foot?

10*18=180sq ft

What is the square footage of a 20 by 18 room?

Assuming the room is 20 ft by 18 ft (the question does not say so), the area would be 20*18 = 360 square feet

What is the square footage of an 18'x36' inground pool which is 3' in the shallow end and 8' in the deep end?

If the floor of the pool is of uniform gradient then: Pool bottom = 18' x 36' = 648 sq ft Shallow wall = 18' x 3' = 54 sq ft Deep wall = 18' x 8' = 144 sq ft Two Sides = 2*{0.5*36*(3+8)} = 396 sq ft (they are trapezium-shaped). Total = 1242 square feet. Strictly speaking, if the pool is 36' long, the sloping length of the bottom is 36.35' (approx), so the pool bottom is 654.22 sq ft and the total is 1248.22 sq ft.

What is the sq ft of a pool that has a linear footage of 105?

If the linear footage was measured around the whole edge of the pool the the sq ft = 689.0625 sq ft However if this is only the length of the pool then there is no way to work it out,

How do you get the footage of a room when it it 20 ft by 15 ft?

if you want the square footage, 15 ft x 20 ft is 300 square feet

What is the square footage of a 5M x 20M pool?

5m * 20m = 100 m2 = 1076.4 sq ft (approx)