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Q: What is the symbol that means infinity?
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What is symbol with 2 ovals that intersect in X?

It is the symbol of infinity which means never ending.

What does an infinity symbol look like?

An infinity symbol looks like the number 8 turned sideways. This is an infinity symbol: ∞ If for some reason that symbol does not come out properly, you can see the article listed below. There are several graphics of the infinity symbol there.

What does the double infinity symbol mean?

The symbol for infinity, used often in mathematics such as calculus, looks like a symmetrical, smiley face with its tongue coming out::PThis symbol is called a lemniscate.

What does the infinity symbol mean?

The meaning of the infinity symbol is forever. The symbol it has no beginning and no end and is often used as a symbol of love and marriage.

What is the symbol that means without end?

The symbol that means "without end" is the infinity symbol. It looks like a number 8 lying on its side. The infinity symbol is used in mathematics, but it also has a philosophical meaning, suggesting the eternal or infinite nature of Ultimate Reality or God. It lends a mystical quality to jewelry, tattoos, and other designs.

What does the anchor inside the infinity symbol tattoo mean?

It means you refuse to sink, and you're grounded

What symbol represents forever?

The infinity symbol (∞) is often used to represent forever or eternity because of its continuous loop design. It is a symbol that signifies a never-ending or limitless concept.

What is the power sign for infinity?

The infinity symbol is ∞, if this is what you are asking.

How do you abbreviate the word infinity?

The symbol for infinity is ∞.

Where does the symbol of the infinity love knot originiate from?

The infinity love knot is an Arabic valentine symbol.

Can the infinity sign be used as a symbol of love?

My fiance and I are having custom made rings with the infinity symbol on them and our birthstones. In our case, it is a symbol of love.

What is the symbol for infinity?

its like this: ∞