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You lost me at the point where the shape has two widths.

I'd have to see a sketch in order to answer the question.

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Q: What is the total area of a shape with 45 cm height and 51 cm width and 72.1cm width?
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How do you work out the area of a shape?

you times the width by the legnth of the shape

What are the length width and height of a shape?

They are: Length x Height + Length x Width + Height x Width Or: LxH + LxW +HxW and then youl will get the answer of the shape. The length is the tom part of the shape the width is the side and the night is the length from top to bottom.

What is a 3 d shape?

A 3D shape stands for Three-Dimensional. The three dimensions are Height, Width and Depth. A line just has height, so it is 1D. A polygon has both Height and width so it's 2D. A three dimensional object has all three; Height, Width and Depth.________^Height/Length = 1D-------------------| || | Depth |/ |----------------- |

How do you define a 2 dimensional shape?

a shape that has a length and height, but no width.

What does a 2D shape have?

Height, width, area, perimeter.

How can the shape of a irregular solid be determined?

height and width

What has height and width?

A shape in 2 dimensional space.

What is a two dimentional shape?

It has length and width but no height

What is three dimesional shape?

A three dimensional shape is where you have height, width, and length where as in a two dimensional shape you only have height and length

A shape having the same dimensions of lenght height and width?

A shape having the same dimensions of length, height and width is a cube. This can also be referred to as a square prism.

What is LxWxH?

Length x Width x Height.- witch is also how you work out the volume of a shape

What is 2D shape?

A 2-D shape is a shape that does not pop out.