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Wavenumber is inversely proportional to wavelength, so has units m^-1

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Q: What is the units for wave number?
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What is the wave-number of a photon?

The wave number of a photon is the spatial frequency of the photon's electromagnetic wave. It is defined as the reciprocal of the wavelength of the photon, typically measured in units of inverse meters. As the wave number increases, the wavelength decreases, and vice versa.

What units are wave frequencies measured in?

Wave frequencies are typically measured in hertz (Hz), which represents the number of cycles per second.

What is units for wave speed?

The same unit meant for velocity ie m/s.

What is the wavelength of 1.010 to the fifteenth power?

That number has no units, and just-plain-numbers don't have wavelengths. If you mean that number to have the unit of "Hertz", and to be a frequency of, say, an electromagnetic wave in vacuum, then it's wavelength would be 296.8 nanometers ... an ultraviolet wave.

What happens when a wave amplitude interferes with another wave amplitude of the same frequency?

When two wave amplitudes of the same frequency interfere constructively, they combine to form a wave with larger amplitude. Conversely, when they interfere destructively, they combine to form a wave with smaller amplitude or cancel each other out. This phenomenon is known as wave interference and is a fundamental aspect of wave behavior.

What is the wave number of 5nm wave length?

Wave number is the reciprocal of wavelength, denoted by the symbol k. The wave number of a 5 nm wavelength can be calculated using the formula k = 1 / λ, where λ is the wavelength in meters. Converting 5 nm to meters gives 5 x 10^-9 m, so the wave number would be k = 1 / (5 x 10^-9) = 2 x 10^8 m^-1.

What units of measurement does a spectrometer use?

A spectrometer measures the wavelength, wave number, and photon energy of light. They are measurements of the type and energy levels of light.

The wavelenght of a wave is the distace between?

it is a distance between repeating units of a propagating wave of a given frequency..

What is the definition of wavelength in units?

the distance between two consecutive compressions or rarefactions of a light wave is called its wavelength.

How can frequency of a wave be determined?

The frequency of a wave can be determined by counting the number of wave cycles that pass a fixed point in a given amount of time, usually one second. This is typically measured in units of hertz (Hz), where 1 Hz equals one cycle per second.

What do you measure using units called hertz?

wave frequency.

What units are made to measure speed of wave?

Meters and secound