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The answer depends on how x and y are related. Since you have not bothered to share the nature of that relationship, I cannot provide a more useful answer

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Q: What is the value of y if x -0.6?
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What does x - y?

In expressions such as "x-y", both "x" and "y" can have any value. The value of "x-y" will depend on what the value of "x" and the value of "y" are.

What is the value of y when the value of x is 3?

It depends on the relationship between x and y.

What is the value of x in the equation x y 30 when y 15?

If you mean: x+y = 30 and the value of y is 15 then the value of x is also 15

What is the value of x plus y?

The value of x + y is indeterminate. You need the values of both x and y to determine x + y.

How do you find out if y is a function of x?

y is a function of x iffor each value of x (in the domain) there is a value of y, andfor each value of y (in the range) there is at most one value of x.

If 2 x y 7 what is the value of y when x 3?

if 2x + y = 7, what is the value of y when x = 3?

What happens to the value of y when the value of x changes in y equals 4x?

y = 100 - 4x ( a ) Find the value of y when x = 20.

In AP what is the dependent variable the x or the y?

In most cases, x is independent and y is dependent. That is, you choose the value of x, but this x-value will decide the corresponding y-value.

What value of b makes y equals x plus b the same as y x What does this value means?

If: y = x+b then y-x = b

What is an expression for subtract 16?

Y = X - 16 X= Y + 16 X is the original value. Y is the new value of the original value - 16.

What is y equals plus x in c plus plus?

y += x means the value y+x is first calculated, and the resulting value is then assigned to y. It is equivalent to y = y+x

When Santana is plotting points on a graph. The ratio of y y -value to x x -value is 3 3 to 4 4 for each point. What will be the x x -value of a point with a y y -value of 12 12?

It will be 16.