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It is: d

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is the variable in the algebraic expression 7d 3?
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What is the algebraic expression 3 plus 7d is the coefficient?

The coefficient of 3+7d is 7

What is the variable in this algebraic expression of 6n 3?

The unknown variable in the expression: 6n+3 is n

What is the coefficient of a variable and an algebraic expression?

In the expression 5x + 3, the coefficient is 5.

How many algebraic terms are there in 2n-4-7 d?

By definition a term is the basic unit of algebra which must contain 3 parts - a sign, a coefficient and a variable (e.g., 2n [+ sign implied, coefficient '2' and variable 'n'] and -7d). In the expression 2n-4-7d then, there are 2 terms.

What phrase represents the algebraic expression x - 3?

Unknown Variable

What is an example of an algebraic expression?

Algebraic expressions are mathematical phrases that contain numbers, operations and at least one variable. An example of an algebraic expression would be : 4x + 3= 9x.

What is the coefficient in the algebraic expression 6n 3?

The coefficient in an expression is the multiplier of the variable in the equation. Here, the coefficient would be 6.

What is the algebraic expression for 4b-3?


What is the algebraic expression for 3 times the difference of 7 and d?

It would be: 3(7-d) as an algebraic expression

What is the Type of algebraic expressions and give two examples?

A variable is a letter that represents a number. A n expression that contains at least one variable is called a variable expression or an algebraic expression.A variable expression has one or more terms. A term is a number, a variable, or a product of numbers and variables.An algebraic expression consisting of only one term is called a monomial (3x, xy, 2y, xyz); of two terms is called a binomial (x + y, x^2 - 1, a + 2b); of three terms is called trinomial (x + 2y - 4, 3x^2 + 2xz +3). In general, an algebraic expression consisting of two or more terms is called a polynomial

What is a subsitute given value for each variable in an algebraic expression?

Say you have an algebraic expression y = 3x +4 For a given value of x = 5 substitute that number in place of x in the expression, so in this case y = 3(5) + 4 = 19

Is 3 is an algebraic expression?


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