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The only number in that whole string of words whose value you don't

already know, and can change from one minute to the next, is 'x'.

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Q: What is the variable x in x minus 32minus in parenthesis x minus 32divided by 3 minus in parenthesis x minus 32divided by 3 divided by 2 minus 7 equals 9?
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What is a if a plus 12 divided by 4 equals 8?

A=20 20+12=32 32divided by 4 = 8

Where would you put parenthesis in.24-16 divided by 4 times 2 plus 2?

It depends on the answer. The parenthesis' placement can change the answer to the problem.

What is a variable divided by the coefficient that will equal 7?

Any variable divided by coefficients can equal 7 - provided the variable can take the appropriate value.

How do you simplify open parenthesis A2 plus 7A-8close parenthesis divided by open parenthesis A2 plus 6A-7close parenthesis?

(a^2+7a-8)/(a^2+6a-7) (original equation) (a+8)(a-1)/(a+7)(a-1) (simplify top and bottom) (a+8)/(a+7) <--answer

What multiplacation problem can help you find 32divided by 4?


What is the variable of -7p divided 2?


What is the variable of -7p 3 divided 2?

The variable is p.

What is 6 divided by 2 parenthesis 1 plus 2?

The answer to 6 divided by 2 parenthesis 1 plus 2 is nine. The problem is solved by first adding the numbers in the parenthesis (1 + 2 = 3). Next divide the number 6 by 2 (6/2 = 3) lastly multiply 3 by 3 which gives you 9.

Seventy plus ten divided by two?

40 70+10=80 divided by 2=40 But some might interpret this as 10/2=5 +70=75 That is why it is so important to have parenthesis and be precise in math. The second one is right without parenthesis.

When you divide Polynomials by Monomials can a variable only be divided by the same variable Example Can c-squared only be divided c or can it be divided by x and y and v etc?

X2/X = X ======= I do not think you can divide one variable type by another.

What is a normal random variable minus its mean and divided by its standard deviation?

It is the Standard normal variable.

What is 'Variable cost per unit'?

Variable cost per unit= Total Variable costs($ amount) divided by Production units