What is the vertical axis label?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What is the vertical axis label?
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What should be labeled on the vertical axis?

On a vertical axis you should label it the "y-axis". Then make sure to put the numbers needed on the line! :)

What is the x axis label on a graph called?

X axis is horizontal, and The Y axis is vertical.

Why start on the horizontal axis?

We start on the horizontal axis because of tradition. You would get the same results if you started on the vertical axis, as long as you continue to label the horizontal axis as the x-axis and the vertical axis as the y-axis.

Which part of the line graph tells the viewer what the height of the line shows?

The label on the y-axis or vertical axis.

How do you label the axes on a residuals graph?

The horizontal axis would normally be the independent variable and the vertical axis would be the residual.

What is axis label in graph?

x= horizontal(flat) y=vertical(up and down)

How do you label axes in Microsoft Excel?

after creating your graph go to the layout tab, axis title then choose either horizontal or vertical axis

What is the label on the vertical axis of the pictograph representing numbers of people speaking different languages?

The label on the vertical axis of a pictograph representing numbers of people speaking different languages is typically "Number of People" or "Population." This axis is used to show the quantity or count of individuals for each language category depicted in the pictograph.

In a line graph which is the independent variable and which is the dependent variable?

The independent variable is plotted on the horizontal axis, or x axis. The dependent variable, or response variable is plotted on the vertical axis, or y axis.

Is the X axis on the horizontal or vertical axis?

The x axis is the horizontal axis. The y axis is the vertical axis.

Is a vertical like on the Y axis or the X axis?

The vertical axis is the y-axis. The horizontal axis is the x-axis.

What is a cumulative frequency histogram?

-Construct a frequency table-Draw a horizontal axis and mark off the intervals.Label the horizontal axis.If the first interval does not start at 0, use a "break" symbol on the axis.-Draw a vertical axis and identify a scale for the frequencies. Label the vertical axis.Often, the vertical axis is "frequency".-Draw bars with heights corresponding to the frequency values in the table.-Give the graph an appropriate title.