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This shape is a cuboid.

The volume = length x height x width = 3 x 3 x 5 = 45 cubic units.

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Q: What is the volume of a cube who has a length of 3 a height of 3 and a width of 5?
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What is the volume of a cube that is 20cm on a side?

Volume of a cube = height * length * width, where height = length = width, so volume = side3. Thus (20cm)3= 8000cm3

How do you measure volume of a cube?

length by width by height

How do you find volume for a cube?


Finding volume of a cube?

length * width * height

What is the volume of a cube with a length of twelve point five a height of eight and a width of ten?

A cube cannot have different length, height and width.

Finding the volume of a cube?

Multiply the Length by the Width by the Height. Measure one edge. Cube the number.

How do you find the width of a square if you know the length and the height?

A square is two-demensional. Therefore, it has only width and length. However, a cube is three-demensional - length, width and height.If you have a cube and you know it length and height, you can calculate its width as follows.The volume of a cube is equal to the width x length x the height. Therefore, width equals volume divided by length x height.If a cube has a volume of 1000 and the length of the cube is 10 and the height is 10, then:1000 = L (length) x 10 x 10L = 1000 divided by 100, which equals 10

What is the volume of a cube in feet?

Depends on length ,width and height.

What is of cube you volume?

Length x Width x Height

How do you get a volume of cube?

Length x Width x Height.

How do you find the width of volume only using length height?

Volume = Length * Height * Width That equation can be rearranged to: Width = Volume/(Length * Height) This answer will only work for a cuboid (or a cube) and not any other 3d shape.

Volume of a cube formula?

Height x Width x Length = Volume