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Volume: 3*15*2 = 90 cubic ft

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Q: What is the volume of a rectangular prisim that is 3ft by 15ft by 2 ft?
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5 yards 2 feet equals how many feet?

17ft 1yd = 3ft 5yds = 5 x 3ft = 15ft 15ft + 2ft = 17ft

How many m2 in 15ft by 3ft?

4.18 square meters.

What is the volume of a rectangular prism that has these dimensions 2 ft 3ft 5ft?

Volume = 2*3*5 = 30 cubic feet

How many yards does 15 ft equal?

15ft x 1yd/3ft = 5yd

What is the volume of a cube with sides of 3ft?

3ft*3ft*3ft9ft*3ft27ft cubed

If a closet is 3 feet wide by 3 feet long by 9 feet tall what volume it has?

Volume = 3ft x 3ft x 9ft = 81 cubic feet.

How much is cubic yard?

A cubic yard is: volume defined by a cube that is 3ft x 3ft x 3ft; i.e. 3ft high x 3ft wide x 3ft deep. For example: a box 3x3x3 feet filled with gravel is one cubic yard since a yard=3 feet.

Volume of 8ft by 6ft by 3ft equals?

144 cubic feet.

How many gallons of water is in your pond which is 7ft x 3ft x 3ft deep?

Assuming your pond is a perfect rectangular prism, with the measurements you indicated, its volume is 63 cubic feet. There are, approximately, 7.5 gallons in a cubic foot. So, the volume of your pool, in gallons is about 472. Again, that's assuming your pond is a perfect rectangular prism. Most ponds I've seen are not. First, the surface is not rectangular, but curved. Second, the bottom is not level, with the depth ranging from zero at the edges to a maximum depth somewhere in the middle. If the measurements you gave are just the maximum length, width, and depth, then the volume of your pond is quite a bit smaller. 464.94 (7x3x3x7.58) This is the formula that I was told to use

What is the volume of the truck 3ft 5 ft 4ft?

3x5x4 = 60 cubic feet

How many square yards is 12ft plus 9ft equals?

how many square yards of carpet will they need for a dining room9ft and 12ft, a hall 3ft and 6ft, a living room 12f and 15ft

Allowing 3ft for a door how much baseboard will carlos need to go completely around a rectangular room that is 15ft long an 9ft wide?

Perimeter of a rectangle is 2(length + width) This problem 2(L+W)-3 2(15+9)-3 2x24-3 48-3 45 feet baseboard. Don't make a mistake cutting.

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