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Q: What is the volume of the trapezoidal right prism 20 m 2m 7m 8m?
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Which two 3 D shape has 11 faces 20 edges and 13 vertices?

A square-based pyramid and a trapezoidal prism.

A right triangular prism has a height of 20 The prism's base has sides of lengths 3 4 and 5 What is the lateral area of the prism?

Lateral area of the prism excluding the two ends: (3*20)+(4*20)+(5*20) = 240 square units

A prism has a square base whose edges each measure 5 centimeters. The ratio of its height to its width is 4 1. Find the volume of the rectangular prism in cubic centimeters?

Volume of rectangular prism: 5*5*20 = 500 cubic cm

What is the volume of a 5 by 2 by 2 prism?

20. You multiply all three numbers together to get volume because volume = length X width X height. :D

What is the volume in gallons of a 20inchx16inchx10inchcontainer?

I'm going to assume you mean a rectangular container. Volume for a rectangular prism: Volume = length*width*height. So, 20 in * 16 in * 10 in = 3,200 cubic inches.

A right triangular prism has a height of 20 The prisms base has sides of lengths 3 4 and 5 What is the lateral area of the prism?

240 units squared

How many edges does an nontagonal prism have?

A heptagonal prism has 20 edges.

How many vertices does a 20 sided prism have?


The volume of the rectangular prisma is 60cm3 If the height is 4cm and the length is 5cm what is the width of the rectangular prism?

The volume V of a prism is the product of the area base and the height h of the prism. V = Bh or V = LWh substitute what we know into the formula; 63 = (5)(W)(4) 63 = 20W divide by 20 to both sides; 3.15 = W Thus, the width is 3.15 cm.

What are some examples of volume?

Say, a rectangular prism.... height: 8cm length: 5cm width: 4cm 5x4x8 5x4=20 20x8=160 And remember, volume is always cubed. Volume of the rectangle = 160cm3 HOPE THIS SOMEHOW HELPED YOU ;3

What is a 20 sided prism?


Which prism has 20 faces and 54 edges?

A prism whose ends are 18-gons.

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