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The 6th century was the years 501 to 600.

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Q: What is the year of the 6th century?
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What century was the year 532 in?

6th century AD

What century is 600 in?

It is the last year of the 6th century.

From what year to what year was the 6th century?

It was from 501AD to 600AD.

What century is the year 539 bc?

6th century BC.

Which century is 509 years?

The year 509AD would be in the 6th century.

What century is 505?

It is the 6th century. 500 years are complete, so that is 5 centuries over and you are into the 5th year of the next century, so it is the 6th century that you are in.

What year did Saint David live?

6th century

What century does the year 560 B.C. fall in?

The year 560BC, as with any year between 600BC and 501BC, fell in the sixth century BC.

What year was confucianism found in?

6th-5th century BC

Started Buddhism in the year BC?

Siddhartha Gautama; 6th century

What is the year of 6th century AD?

The sixth century AD covers the years from 501 AD to 600 AD.

What year was chess created?

Chess is believed to have originated in the early 6th century