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They are congruent triangles.

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Q: What is two triangles with corresponding angles and corresponding sides congruent called?
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What are the corresponding sides called in similar triangles whose corresponding angles are congruent?


A figure that has congruent corresponding angles and proportional sides are called?


If two triangles have three pairs of congruent angles are the triangles guaranteed to be congruent?

No- triangles with all angles respectively equal need not be congruent. For example, all equilateral triangles have 3 angles of 60 degrees each but the the sides could be any length. However the sides of such triangles are proportional - such triangles are called similar. They look alike except for their scale.

Does a triangle have 2 congruent sides?

Some, but not all. Triangles with 2 congruent sides are called isoceles triangles. Triangles with 3 congruent sides are called equilateral triangles.

How do you tell if triangles are congruent or not?

If they have the same sides and same angles then they are congruent.Two triangles are called congruent if they have exactly the same size and shape. This can be determined by measuring all three sides of both triangles and measuring all three angles of both triangles.The rules of geometry also tell us that we don't have to do all these measurement. Triangles have certain properties that simplify the matter. As an example, the sum of the internal angles of a triangle is 180 degrees. Therefore if two angles are known, the third angle is also known. Another is when three sides form a triangle, they only do so in one way so the angles between the sides can be determined.There are specific rules for determining if two triangle are congruent:All three corresponding sides of both triangles are the same size.Two corresponding sides are the same length and the angle between them is the sameTwo corresponding angles are the same and the side between them is the same lengthTwo angles are the same and the corresponding non-included side are equal.

What shape has three different sized sides?

A three-sided shape is called a triangle. There are three types of triangles: equilateral triangles, iscosceles triangles, and scalene triangles. Equilateral triangles have all equal sides and angles; iscosceles triangles have two congruent legs and a base, and scalene triangles do not have any equal sides or angles.

What is a triangle called with 2 congurent sides?

isosceles triangles have 2 congruent sides scalene triangles have no congruent sides equilateral triangles have 3 congruent sides

What are angles that are congruent called?

Congruenent angles

What are convex polygons with congruent sides and congruent angles?

Convex polygons with congruent sides and congruent angles are called regular polygons.

What two angles have the same measure what is it called?

The two angles are congruent. They are congruentangles. Congruent is basically 'same' in math. We often say congruent shapes, congruent, angles, and congruent sides.

What are angles with equal measures called?

Congruent angles

Are two angles within an isosceles triangle congruent true of false?

Congruence is normally defined for shapes and not angles. Two triangles are called congruent if they same angles.Two angles of isosceles triangle (facing the sides of equal length) are equal to each other.Yes, by definition.

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