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An variable in science something that can be changed and example is facts and figures .

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Q: What is variable and example of variable?
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Is temperature an example of continuous variable?

Yes. It is a continuous variable. As used in probability theory, it is an example of a continuous random variable.

Is the variable of x an example of abstract representation?

is the variable of x an example of abstract representation

What is a non-example of independent variable?

dependent variable

What is a non example of independent variable?

dependent variable

What is an example of an dependent variables?

An example of a dependent variable is the growth of a plant If the independent variable is changes, the dependent variable will react to it. For example: the amount sunlight coming in a room (independent variable) changes, the growth of the plant (dependent variable) will change because of the sunlight being effected Dependent variable - effect Independent variable - cause

What is mean by instance variable with example?

An Instance variable is a variable that is attached to a class instance or object.

What Variable in algebra?

A variable in algebra is an unknown quantity as for example in the term 5y the variable is y

What is the verb for variable?

The verb of variable is vary. For example, "to vary something"

What is an example of intervening variable?

degree of social intervention is intervening variable

How do you write variable in a sentence?

Here is a example. "I wrote variable in a sentence."

What is an example of variable motion?

A roller coaster is a type of variable motion.

What is the independent variable of a variable?

Just the number, for example: 7x the variable is 7. The variable is the number without the variable(x,y,z, etc.)

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