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Q: What jobs use prime factor decomposition?
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How do you find a prime factor of 59using a t?

Whatever you use, 59 is a prime number. Its only prime factor is itself.

use a factor tree to wile the prime factorization of 52 then?


What prime factor of 8 do workers compensation lawyers use?

2 is the only prime factor of 8.

How do you use Prime Factorization?

use a factor tree

What jobs use scale factor in them?

Surveying and land use jobs which use a map to scale. Also construction jobs will use plans of the building which are drawn to scale with a stated scale factor.

How do you find prime factor of 55?

Use a factor tree. 55 5,11

How can you use the prime factorization to determine whether 35 is a factor of the number?

If the prime factorization contains a 5 and a 7, 35 is a factor.

How do you find the largest prime factor of 56?

Use a factor tree. 56 28,2 14,2 7,2,2,2 The largest prime factor is 7.

Can you use factor trees for prime factorization?


What number can you use for to prime factor 2048?


How do you find the greatest prime factor of 96?

Use a factor tree. 96 48,2 24,2,2 12,2,2,2 6,2,2,2,2 3,2,2,2,2,2 The greatest prime factor of 96 is 3.

How to get the factor of 98 in prime numbers?

Use a factor tree. 98 49,2 7,7,2