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No kind: it is an expression, not an equation.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What kind of equation is 5x plus 15 - 7x?
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What is the first step in solving the equation 88 equals 13 plus 5x?

88=13+5x -13 -13 75= 5x 75/5 =15 x=15

How do you solve the system of equation 5x plus y equals -7 amd 3x plus y equals 15?

5x+y=-7 3x+y=15 8=D

30 plus 5x equals 15 plus 10x what is the value of x?

30 + 5x = 15 + 10x 30 = 15 + 5x 15 = 5x x = 3

What is the x intercept of a line whose equation is 5x plus 6y equals 15?

For the x intercept, put y = 0 in the equation. So 5x = 15 ie x = 3 So the intercept is (3,0)

What is the slope intercept form of the equation 5x plus 2y equals 30?

5x+2y = 30 2y = -5x+30 y = -2.5x+15 Therfore the slope is 2.5 and y the intercept is 15.

How do you factor 15 plus 5x?

You can factor a five out of 15 plus 5x. Therefore, 15 plus 5x factors out to 5(3+x). Hope it helps :)

What is the answer to 5x plus 15?

5x + 15 = 5(x + 3)

What is the solution of y equals x plus 2 and negative 5x plus 6y equals 15?

y=x+2 -5x+6y=15 You use the substitution property to plug y into the 2nd equation -5x+6(x+2)=15 Then, you solve the equation That should leave you with x=3 Then you plug that into the first equation, and that should leave you with a final answer of x=3 and y=5

-15 1 5x?

Te equation -15 = 1/5x can be solved to find the value of X which is -75.

5x- 3x plus 2 1?

The answer to the equation 5x - 3x + 2 = 1 is -0.5.

What is x in this equation 7x plus 8 equals 5x plus 32?

7x + 8 = 5x + 327x = 5x + 242x = 24x = 12hope this helps

-1 3 y plus 3 -y 15 math college?

The equation -1 3Y plus 3-Y 15 equals too 5X+25. This is a math problem.

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