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Q: What launch angle produced the longest drive?
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What is a synonym of launch?

"Initiate" is a synonym of launch.

What is Jamie sadlowski's longest drive?

His official recorded longest drive to date is 449 yards.

What are the release dates for Our Longest Drive - 2012?

Our Longest Drive - 2012 was released on: USA: 16 October 2012

What actors and actresses appeared in Our Longest Drive - 2012?

The cast of Our Longest Drive - 2012 includes: Vic Zast as himself

What are the ratings and certificates for The Captive The Longest Drive 2 - 1976?

The Captive The Longest Drive 2 - 1976 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R

Who had the second longest drive in nfl history?


which tape drive uses the longest tapes?

LTO Consortium drives use the longest tapes.

What is the longest drive in terms of yardage in pro football history?

The longest drive possible is starting from the team's own end zone. This has been done before, but it is rare.

To drive a golf ball the farthest should you hit a line drive or a high angle shot?

Basically, you should do whatever suits you the best. If you want to know the real seceret, you want to hit a low fizzing draw with the driver, it'll go an absolute mile!I assume you mean a straight shot when you say 'line drive'. A straight drive is always best, as you will keep out of trouble, but it depends how high you launch it etc. If you hit a high angle drive, nearly all of your distane will come from carry, with very little roll. And obviously if you hit a low launch drive the ball will have less air time, but roll more.Interestingly, the best thing to do is find a driver with your perfect loft and perfect shaft (custom fitting is the ideal way to achieve this) as well as the perfect ball for you. This will allow you to get the best from your game.

Who had the longest drive in 2010 on the PGA tour?

Steve Stricker

How long was the world's longest golf drive?

326 feet.

What is 50 miles across?

Longest distance you can drive in fla